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Construction Management

T&T Construction will provide professional construction Management Services. We offer all of the traditional construction delivery methods , while offering excellent solutions in Planning and Design Support; Sustainable Building; Pre-construction; Development as well as other services services.

As we will concentrate 40% of our efforts on Real Estate Development, our goal is to become apart of  Jacksonville's revitalization, including buying office buildings and prepaying them by using sustainable and energy efficient means, in order to provide office space for the growing downtown area of Jacksonville. We will implement incredible property management, development and maintenance in our as well as having the capability to build to suit and manage the property in the Real Estate development department. The keys to our success will be our asset value preservation, superior owner services and community resource development. Our primary objective is to "exceed the expectations" of both owners/clients and alike by "Insisting on Excellence" from each and every T&TCM team member.

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