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Commercial Construction

Our construction division brings over 25 years of combined project and construction management experience to our clients. We engage in several Delivery Methods such as Design Build,  Design Bid Build and At Risk. As Construction Manager At Risk, we work alongside the architect, engineer and owner to optimize project design, schedule and cost. We negotiate a guaranteed maximum price based on design documents that, although typically incomplete, reflect the anticipated scope of the project, ensuring our price meets the client’s expectations. We also competitively bid all trade contracts to ensure the client receives the lowest price from qualified subcontractors. Always a team player, we are known for our conceptual strengths, skill in fleshing out design to field conditions and our continued focus on solving conflicts proactively and collaboratively rather than merely cutting costs.

Pre-construction Phase
• Estimating
• Constructability Analysis
• Value Engineering
• Construction Scheduling
• Site Analysis
• Procurement

Construction Phase

• Tracking and reporting project activities
• Managing quality assurance
• Track and control construction cost
• Maintaining / Expediting the project schedule
• Conduct regular project meetings
• Management of job site safety
• Coordination of skilled tradesmen and their work
• Managing the change order process

• Coordination of project close-out procedures

Close-Out / Commissioning

• Expediting punch list completion
• Assembling close-out documents (warranties, manuals, etc.)
• Conduct testing of major equipment
• Coordinate staff training
• Assist in the development and implementation of move-in plan

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