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About T&T Construction Management, LLC


 T&TCM is a company, with principal offices located in Jacksonville, FL The company's management is highly experienced and qualified: Keshia Torruella has over 22 years in construction. Graduating from FAMU with a Construction and Civil Engineering degree,  Her foundation has come from working with three fortune 400 companies, and from each company she has taken all of the things that each company did successfully and implemented them into T&TCM.

With Real Estate Development, we will also focus on Development offering Asset Management. T&TCM have a proven technique of long-term asset preservation through processes such as preventive maintenance, 24-hour work order response, inventory and purchasing control, and with continuous staff training and development, we can offer an exceptional service standard. We will also provide comprehensive development Services. As part of a development solution.  As a real estate professional I can move the project forward faster, inexpensively, and with less risk. The Comprehensive development services, leverages partnerships with design professional and utilizes our construction expertise, optimizes the total project.  This "Big Picture" approach results in better decisions regarding site suitability, financing options, regulatory and environmental compliance, project feasibility, maximization of residual project value and minimization of current occupancy costs. 

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Our Process

Our construction project teams have collaborated and completed projects all over the Jacksonville area.

T&TCM’s experienced Construction Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Field personnel think ahead and don’t guess. We integrate your needs and objectives with those of the designers, engineers, subcontractors, and vendors to ensure an effective yet efficient project. We do this with the utmost attention to detail, people, and processes for a high quality experience.The easiest part about construction is the actual field work. In construction it is understood time is valuable, resources are allocated, and expectations communicated. One of our Favorite Motto's is "on time and within budget"! Our approach to our job starts with us anticipating all the things that could happen while also dealing with what is happening in the now. We believe in delivering excellence from our customer service to our finished product. We offer Commercial construction details to smaller projects, providing submittals, schedules and designs to every project.

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Preconstruction Design

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Design & Construction Estimate

On-Site Consultations

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Quality in Construction

Quality in construction means that a project is completed within the defined guidelines set out in the Scope of Work. The Scope of Work for any job is your road map to achieving the best construction quality outcomes, and is one of the first tools you can use to ensure your project is on the road to success. We will help you developed, your scope, and through a series of controls set in place, all work is inspected and approved prior to going to the next phase of work, if its not right, we will exceed all measures of correcting it.

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